Teachers’ Day

Teachers’ Day is a national holiday in Thailand. It takes place on January 16th every year. Since 1957, Thailand has been celebrating this day in honor of educators. It’s a day to remember their importance in the lives of children. In Thailand, teachers are seen to have a position of high honor. Schools are closed so they can have the day off and so that children can show respect for them.

Teacher Appreciation Day (วันครู) is another way Thai people show their respect for educators. This takes place at the beginning of the new school year, in June or July, on a Thursday. Children perform the “Wai Kru Ceremony”. They bow before their teachers and offer them flowers with candles and incense in a gold container.

The bouquets given to the teachers have three specific flowers in them: one symbolizing wit, one for respect, and the other for perseverance. In performing the ceremony, the students are thanking the teachers for having been taught well in the past, while hoping to gain merit, and good luck for the future.

ที่มา : http://www.mamalisa.com/blog/teachers-day-and-teacher-appreciation-day-in-thailand/


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